hospital during covid-19 virus

The General Authority of Hospitals and Educational Institutes announced that the medical staff at Al-Matareya Teaching Hospital conducted a number of urgent surgical interventions to save critical and urgent cases of Corona patients. Where he performed more than 260 surgeries for corona patients between major, minor and skill operations, and more than 150 surgical catheters and 15 peripheral catheters were performed.

Future vision

The current administration seeks to transform Matareya Teaching Hospital into an integrated medical facility as follows:

Increasing the number of beds to nearly 1,000 beds

Opening specialized medical departments such as the unit of artificial joints and gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Contributing to the research and training aspect of young doctors, which is implemented by the new Center for Continuing Medical Education under the supervision of the Deputy Director of Research and Training.

 Establish an additional intensive care unit attached to the new catheter site.

 The new outpatient clinic building.

 Establishment of an additional power station as a result of saturation of the current station.

 Natural gas has been delivered to all hospital facilities, and is the only natural gas-powered unit in the authority