Pediatric surgery dept.

Work in pediatric surgery department in Mataira Teaching Hospital has started since early 1992. We started our work focusing on patients service, trying to do our best to provide the best sevice ever possible according to our avilable resources. We always consider that patients families are part of our families and patients are our sons or daughters. At the time of start of our work it was the only specialized pediatric surgery department in all teaching hospitals and institutes ; and we have the honor to start working in pediatric surgery medical service years before many universities in Egypt. Our department has 20 beds including 4 pediatric ICU beds and 5 incubators present in our department as separate units. We are working 24 hours - 7 days a weak , admitting emergency , cold cases as well as neonatal emergencies and malformations. Average number of operations is about 600-700 operation per year. Regarding out patient clinic activity; we are working 3 days a weak and see average number of 4000 patient annually. Our staff now is formed of 9 doctors: head of department (MD, MRCS), 3 consultants, 1 fellow, 2 specialists, and the remaining are residents.