A speech for the director of the hospital:

The hospital aims to serve the citizens of the residential areas in Al-Matareya, Ain Shams, Al-Marj, Ezbet Al-Nakhl, Shubra and large plots in Cairo and Qalyubia to provide health care, both professional and human. Today, we are looking forward to continuous development and progress for the health of our community. The hospital is working hard to build several new projects to provide various new and advanced health services. The hospital administration has taken an important decision in the history of the hospital, to make it a large edifice that includes many departments and modern equipment, and to build new departments that were not available before, in addition to developing the existing departments in the hospital. Where does the hospital work today Around the clock, seven days and nights, its distinguished staff attends to the various fields of medicine available in the hospital. You are making great achievements, and there is a long way ahead of us, with many challenges that are not simple, and great ambitions that carry a lofty and great message. Our dream is the limit of heaven, and our expectations are beyond our imagination. So we set ourselves a vision and goals. That vision that sees El Matareya Teaching Hospital as a leading hospital in the world in the field of medicine, academically, research and educating future generations is the best education and service for every member of society in the finest and most modern and experienced ways. All this without forgetting that The realization of our dream will not be complete unless we put the human being at the forefront and center and work hard on the highest levels of responsibility and humanity. Our strategy at work is based on trust: our trust in our Lord, our trust in ourselves, our staff and our people, and the patient's trust in us as doctors, nurses, workers, employees and as an institution. That confidence is built on scientific foundations and practical experience. So we invite you to be a part of this change and to unite our energy to move forward towards a better tomorrow. It remains for me to wish all of you continued health and wellness and the ability to continue giving to build and dig together a success story not far away.